Final Post

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I decided to take Digital History for a few reasons. It satisfies a few class requirements and I knew that if I went to grad school I would have to take a similar class and I wanted to see what it would be like. I have to honestly say that I really enjoyed this class. […]

Down In The Treme: A Guide To The New HBO Series

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HBO just aired the second episode of Treme, the mini-series set in New Orleans three months after Katrina. I moved just before the storm to Houston but I came back to visit at the same time this is supposed to take place. From what I can tell and from talking to my friends who lived […]

Linking and Tweeting

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So I’m in my Museum Lab class right now, looking up information about James Monroe’s time on the FredVegas city council and what did I find but a link to the James Monroe Paper group (located in the links section of the James Monroe Law Offices Museum website). First on the list-what what!! Good job […]

Lets take a break:

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And oogle at this lovely picture of Paul Newman from his days in the Navy! This counts as digital history b/c it is from the National Archives website which The Smoking Gun’s Celebrity Service posted and Jezebel (where I saw it) linked to it. Life is good:

Meet you at the crossroads

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This is very approp for the section I’m writing right now (Battle of Spotsy court house) which was situated on a crossroads: Also- about to sell my soul to the devil. Robert Johnson had the right idea. Never sign up to write about battles, Lauren, cuz you suck at them. Also my computer is broken […]

Teaching with digital history

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I thought Dr McClurken brought up some good points in his Archives 2.0 article. I wish my Archives and Society class could read this since I feel like the class is only focusing on keeping archives not what to do with them after you’ve sorted them out. I think archives (or at least their finding […]

The Perils of Googling

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People know to never google certain things: snakes, vaguely sexual sounding terms your co-workers tell you to look up (its always porn, guys, always), the weird pain in your side (I’m sure I didn’t sleep on it wrong! Aaaahh cancer!!). Another thing to never google is “Civil War Surgery” unless you are prepared for boxes […]

March Sadness and Drunk History

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Website is building up some. I made a new collection, “Civilians” and posted some letters. Now we have to think of the theme options to see which will look the best since some of them are too cute or too dark/boring So No-Sleep November is back with March Sadness- Its thesis writing season! Yesterday I […]

Site v Site

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Omeka is seriously testing the kindness of my heart. I’m not sure if its because I’m not used to it but it seems like every time I turn around it doesn’t let me do something. Also I hate how there are items AND exhibits AND collections- I don’t think we need ALL that. Maybe just […]

This means war!!

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So I just tried to post one of our Doctor profiles onto Omeka and guess what!? The formatting sucks! (Secretly I wish sometimes that we had used the umwblogs) I tried the template where it has a big picture to the left and a few small picture next to it with text below the smaller […]