Meet you at the crossroads

sunchild | 04 11th, 2010 | Uncategorized |   |  2 Comments »

This is very approp for the section I’m writing right now (Battle of Spotsy court house) which was situated on a crossroads:

Also- about to sell my soul to the devil. Robert Johnson had the right idea.

Never sign up to write about battles, Lauren, cuz you suck at them. Also my computer is broken and the Apple people are being bitches. Woowoowoo join me in the library

2 Responses to “Meet you at the crossroads”

  1. Megan Says:

    Sorry about your comp I would make a snarky comment about Macs but my PC is currently making a funny noise.
    Take a deep breath only two more weeks of this project and then we’ll be done!

  2. sunchild Says:

    As long as you didn’t buy a mac July and August of our freshman year like me and all my friends did your mac is the best thing since sliced bread- if you have a macbook from those months like us you got lemons