Teaching with digital history

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I thought Dr McClurken brought up some good points in his Archives 2.0 article. I wish my Archives and Society class could read this since I feel like the class is only focusing on keeping archives not what to do with them after you’ve sorted them out. I think archives (or at least their finding aids) should be made available online in an academic format. Its actually something I’m interested in trying to implement (or at least advocating) after I graduate. Archives should be more up-to-date, otherwise how would people know if the archive houses the sources they need?

Update: I’m in my Archives and Society class right now and the topic tonight is on security. I am convinced that the National Archives would still have various documents like the Wright Brother’s patent if more things were available online… Also all newspapers should be archived on the internet. I am convinced microfilm was created by the devil

One type of graduate program that teaches digital history is Public History: University of New Orleans, Texas State-San Marcos, George Mason, American University . Also Museum Studies programs and history programs with public history or museum studies concentrations have digital history classes. Often they aren’t called digital history classes and most are electives.

(the bottom line is that I just want to hear from UNO at this point- why must they string me along???? I don’t care anymore I just want an answer(this is a lie) )

Now I know how the Dad felt in Breaking Away: REFUND?! REFUND?!

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