The Perils of Googling

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People know to never google certain things: snakes, vaguely sexual sounding terms your co-workers tell you to look up (its always porn, guys, always), the weird pain in your side (I’m sure I didn’t sleep on it wrong! Aaaahh cancer!!).

Another thing to never google is “Civil War Surgery” unless you are prepared for boxes of shins or scary crap like that. Remember that movie with Nicole Kidman where (SpoilerAlert) she and her kids are The Others? And they find those weird pictures of the servants but realize they are dead in the photos?!?!?!!?

And you wish that stupid child would just stop playing under the veils (We can’t see your face, kid, it could be meltinnnng)

Well thats what it felt like looking at pages and pages of Civil War amputated pictures. Trying to make eye contact with the guy’s face but can’t stop staring at the pile of HANDS!!!

Basically, this is possibly the grottiest thing I have ever researched for a history class since.. oh wait- the LAST TIME I took a class with Dr. McClurken!!! Only that time I did my project on heart valves. The best way to freak yourself out while researching is research a medical abnormality that YOU have and then having to put it on a blog site. If you are going to do this I suggest never looking at medical textbooks. That was my first mistake. [Also, don’t worry I’m not dying, its only Tetralogy of Fallot. They made a movie about it…with Mos Def and Alan Rickman haha]

In other news- the maps are done!! And now we have to get them on the site somehow and make them interactive!!

Now back to finishing these sections on omeka….

5 Responses to “The Perils of Googling”

  1. jmcclurken Says:

    To be fair, you chose that topic AND this one…. :-)

  2. klease Says:

    I’m so glad that you are in my group and that you are strange and love to look at gross pictures. Thanks :). I’m so excited that we have our maps!

  3. kokoro Says:

    You know the second you mentioned it, I had to google it. And that darn picture with the war related facial wounds and reconstructive surgery just had to pop up too.

    However, I came across the most awesome game: Dark Cut 2, perform surgery Civil War style.

  4. cwright Says:

    Wow, this blog entry has to be the most interesting one of all. Upon reading this, I will be sure to Google with caution. Its weird how one can google something and not be prepared for what comes back. For now on out, I will be cautious when I google something, especially when it comes to medical issues.

  5. sunchild Says:

    now the pressure for good blog posts is crazy haha