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Omeka is seriously testing the kindness of my heart. I’m not sure if its because I’m not used to it but it seems like every time I turn around it doesn’t let me do something. Also I hate how there are items AND exhibits AND collections- I don’t think we need ALL that. Maybe just items and exhibits. Also its very clunky.

I googled omeka websites and their site give examples of test sites:

Lincoln at 200

I mean look how cool it looks:

Sorry my screen shot looks so crap- I’m using a PC instead of my Mac and its kinda different. But anyway- I don’t remember seeing anything this cool on the omeka template/theme page!! I’m sure you have to pay extra for it.

Here are other cool site examples they tease you with:

Inventing Europe

Making the History of 1989

For my scholarship I have been making a website for my Brompton research. I am using the umwblogs (using the Atahualpa theme like the Mary Ball Washington group) and its going sooo much quicker:

Brompton Research

Just started building it so no judgements on the lack of information. Its kinda making me depressed about omeka, in general, not our project (which I like).

Ugh, Problems.

Next up on our plate is getting the interpretation written (yay)! Hopefully getting more stuff up on the site will make us feel better and less stressed (or am I the only one stressing about this?)


who wants to buy 19th century medical equipment?? Cuz there are about 5 million hits on google where you can buy stuff like this:

Anyone else glad its 2010?

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  1. digitalhistory» Blog Archive » Final Post Says:

    […] We had some high expectations as far as design theme for omeka. I found myself wishing half-way through that we had used the Atahualpa theme in the UMW blogs instead. To me, omeka seems cluttered and at times confusing since its not set up like a normal website and you can’t change the headings (collections, items, exhibits) as far as I can tell. I think the headings work with an actual museum or archive website since they probably hire people out to design their websites. Using the free version definitely had its limitations. (See my earlier post on this subject). […]