This means war!!

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So I just tried to post one of our Doctor profiles onto Omeka and guess what!? The formatting sucks! (Secretly I wish sometimes that we had used the umwblogs) I tried the template where it has a big picture to the left and a few small picture next to it with text below the smaller pictures but the text got all wonky and all over the place. Some of the text started above the larger picture and then ran into the smaller pictures. It just looks bad. And the larger picture was cut off. So I changed the template to something else for now (still not happy with it but at least its readable and is a good first draft)

How discouraging. Omeka seems really limited in its theme/template areas. Everything seems like a jumbled up mess and very counter-intuitive to what would make the most sense. I HATE ALL THE CLICKING AROUND!! Sooooo many pages to get to the center of the tootsie roll pop. I hope we can get all this worked out or else our deadlines might be a bit messed up.

On a brighter note (even though the CW is ruining the music I love, one Gossip Girl episode at a time):

Florence and the Machine

Best music video 09

This is how I feel about Omeka:

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