The Perils of Googling

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People know to never google certain things: snakes, vaguely sexual sounding terms your co-workers tell you to look up (its always porn, guys, always), the weird pain in your side (I’m sure I didn’t sleep on it wrong! Aaaahh cancer!!). Another thing to never google is “Civil War Surgery” unless you are prepared for boxes […]

March Sadness and Drunk History

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Website is building up some. I made a new collection, “Civilians” and posted some letters. Now we have to think of the theme options to see which will look the best since some of them are too cute or too dark/boring So No-Sleep November is back with March Sadness- Its thesis writing season! Yesterday I […]

Site v Site

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Omeka is seriously testing the kindness of my heart. I’m not sure if its because I’m not used to it but it seems like every time I turn around it doesn’t let me do something. Also I hate how there are items AND exhibits AND collections- I don’t think we need ALL that. Maybe just […]

This means war!!

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So I just tried to post one of our Doctor profiles onto Omeka and guess what!? The formatting sucks! (Secretly I wish sometimes that we had used the umwblogs) I tried the template where it has a big picture to the left and a few small picture next to it with text below the smaller […]

Hospital Sections

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So I found a pretty cool doctor to highlight: William T. G. Morton. He was one of the discoverers of ether as anasthetic and worked as a dentist and was always fighting with various mentors or old colleagues over credit for the discovery. I found this pretty useful website and I think it would be […]

Map Meeting, etc.

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So the map meeting went pretty well on Monday. I got lost in Melchers looking for 310 before one of the art professors told me there wasn’t a class room 310. And then I realized it must be in Mercer. Yeah- I’m always late for stuff, typical. But other than that: I got the geography […]

Spring Break

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Spring break: We got our omeka basic outline site up before break so ahead of schedule on that one. There are some bugs to work out but basically we are happy with it. Some of it is aesthetically confusing but I’m sure we can work that out. I’m excited to start taking pictures as the […]