I am Alive!..but just barely

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Ok so I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, I just went on an innocent trip to Mardi Gras and was only supposed to miss Thursday through Monday….and then AirTran canceled my flights and left me stranded in New Orleans and I got strep throat, wrote one of the worst papers of my […]


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So I just shared our contract with Dr McClurken and its pretty clear we need to find a better way of communication within the group. We were supposed to meet today but obvs the snow changed that. The biggest problem is that everyone seems too afraid to make decisions or say something that other people […]

Progress is Progress

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Things are going pretty slow with our Civil War hospital stuff. I think we are kind of hesitant to put our ideas out there. I’ve been reading some of the materials and a lot of it is kind of dry. One problem is we don’t have a time to meet with each other since everyone […]

Lagniappe- It means ‘something extra’

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Beaker Lagniappe: better than gumbo